Strategic Planning

Charting the course ahead

Sometimes just surviving the day to day can feel like a big enough challenge. And when you start talking about one, three or five years into the future? Things can start to feel overwhelming in a hurry.

Our strategic planning services are designed to help you chart a clear path forward. By diving into your past, understanding your present, and envisioning your future, a strategic planning partnership with AHC provides all the info you need to feel confident about the way ahead - no GPS necessary.

Strategic Planning Services

  • Board management, recruitment, and long-term stability planning

  • Overall institutional strategy

  • Exhibit review and future planning

  • Fundraising and development strategies, including grant writing support and training

  • Visitor relations and customer satisfaction

  • Staff training in areas including digitization, archives, online exhibits, and social media platforms

Map image of portion of David H. Burr's 1855 map of Texas courtesy The Texas Collection at Baylor University.