Past Clients

Our track record

Since 2016, we've worked with small to mid-sized museums to help them achieve their goals. 

Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute: Visitor Intercept Surveys and Marketing Support

Bell County Museum: 5-year Strategic Plan

Suzuki Academy of Waco: Logo, Social Media, Brand ID

Hill County Museum: Strategic Plan

Cindy Walker Foundation: Strategic Plan, Website, Successful Grant Application

Historic Waco Foundation: Visual ID Elements (logo, color scheme), Marketing Plan, Successful Grant Application

If you're ready to join our list of past clients, email us at and we'll be in touch.

"Eric was so easy to work with when we asked him to develop an interactive exhibit for our visitors that could not go upstairs [in our historic home] to see the actual exhibition. His digital exhibit was clean, easy to navigate, and very informative." Holly R.

"It was an excellent planning session." - Wayne C.

"Great exercise, enjoyable all-day meeting, and good end product for the museum!" - Coleman H.

Image adapted from 1941 poster for WPA loan drive to raise money for binoculars for the U.S. Navy. Courtesy the Library of Congress Digital Collections.