Messages, delivered

Marketing is, at its core, the work of getting your story out to the people you want to hear it. Whether it's an updated website, a social media channel, an outdoor advertising campaign, or a public relations blitz, there are as many tools to help you meet your goals as there are markets to reach.

With 20 years' experience in the marketing field, AHC principal consultant Eric S. Ames can help you form a winning marketing strategy that puts your institution's messaging into your patrons' hearts, minds, and plans for a future visit.

Marketing Consulting Services

  • Brand strategy

  • Identity building and institutional histories

  • Public relations campaigns

  • Advertising, print and digital

  • Social media training and consulting

  • Graphic design consultations

  • Messaging

Image from the Russell Lee photo archives at the Library of Congress: "Street vendor's goods, Waco, TX, 1939